Graphic's Portfolio

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Lion with a photoshopped mouse in  its mouth

This lion was starving so I cut a mouse out of a different picture and put it in the lion's mouth. Then I changed the tones of the mouse so that it was more of a mouse shadow; making it look more realistic. You can see that all that was in the lions mouth was its tongue if you place your mouse on the lion.

A castle once surrounded by a moat is now surrounded by a field of flowers

Some castles are surrounded by moats and aren't very colorful, but this castle had the "Emerald City" make over. I took the flowers from a picture of a field of flowers and planted them strategically around the castle. The flowers will disappear if you place your mouse on the picture.

A girl with a flower tattoo the tattoo is in color and everything else is black and white This girl was kind of tanned, and it made it hard for her tattoo to stand out. So i made her and everything else black and white and made her tattoo boom. You can see her normal skin color by placing the mouse on her.
Checker Board This checker board was created in Adobe Illustrator. It was mainly a test of how to make different shapes but keep them all the same size. This exercise was also to familiarize yourself with how to line things up and how to work with strokes and colors.
Adobe Illustrator Map This is a map of Cape Cod that i created by using the trace method in Adobe Illustrator. After I traced the map, I created the road symbol and traced the roads and then I labeled everything with other symbols I created.
RIP mask I just used a mask to make it so the the letters appear with the background picture. Click on it to see the full sized product.
Blend tool at work when you want something to change from a circle to a star and change colors progressivly, I have learned that the blend tool is excellent for this. This one is an example of specified steps, meaning I chose for it to take 5 steps to morph into the star.
rotate tool These are some crazy designs I did while experimenting with the rotate tool. for a closer look click on the picture.
Wine Glass This is my attempt at making a wine glass in Illustrator. The tools that were mainly used were the gradient tool, pen, and alot of transperancy work.
Banner Ad This is a banner ad I did in Illustrator for Eastern Idaho Wireless. I just used basic tools to give it a little push.